We commit to:

  1. Support the Declaration of Astana on primary health care for achieving universal health coverage through high-quality, safe, comprehensive, integrated, accessible, available and affordable health care for everyone,
  2. Provide better primary health care services by transforming our pharmacy workforce and strengthening our practice and sciences;
  3. Transform and scale up pharmacy education by ensuring high-quality and fit-for-purpose education and training for primary health care provision, and to provide the foundation for workforce development,
    professional and scientific advancement;
  4. Continue to address the growing burden of non-communicable diseases by empowering our profession to provide services in health promotion and disease prevention, screening, referral, disease management and treatment optimisation in people with non-communicable diseases;
  5. Work with all healthcare professionals to deliver collaborative practice in primary health care, and build solid and strong interprofessional health care teams;
  6. Shape primary health care delivery by adopting innovative approaches and adapting our workforce
    alongside the fast-changing digital health technologies;
  7. Be an accessible, reliable and credible source of medical information for our communities and patients, empowering them to make healthier and more informed choices;
  8. Play an essential public health role by providing evidence-based information about immunisation, eliminating publicĀ  misconceptions about vaccines, supporting national immunisation strategies, and expanding vaccination coverage;
  9. Encourage our pharmacy workforce to deliver primary health care effectively through the supply of quality medicines, improving medication adherence and patient safety, ensuring the rational use of medicines, and tackling the challenges of antimicrobial resistance by promoting antimicrobial stewardship
    strategies in our nation;
  10. Generate evidence on the impact of pharmacists in improving health outcomes in primary health care systems through sustainable professional services and ensure broad access to these services;
  11. Continue to support our current and future pharmacy workforce in order to meet the required competencies for the delivery of primary health care, and to close the gap between pharmacy education
    and practice;
  12. Continue to engage our stakeholders and partners, empower our regional and national health leaders,
    and support enabling pharmaceutical policies to strengthen primary health care, bringing communities,
    countries and organisations together to grow and support this movement;
  13. Be regional health care ambassadors in the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development
    Goals through provision of essential patient care and safe, effective, quality and affordable essential
    medicines and vaccines for all.

    Together we will achieve universal health coverage, good health and well-being for all: leaving no one behind.