Individual Registration

Please register here:

Registration Fees

Registration fee: 920 Turkish Lira (= 150 Euro)
Student fee: 480 Turkish Lira (= 75 Euro)
Gala Dinner 195 Turkish Lira (= 31 Euro)

Registration fee includes:

  • Admission to all sessions
  • Opening ceremony
  • Networking reception
  • Coffee/tea breaks
  • Lunch (from Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 October)
  • Congress bag with final programme

Should you require a document for proof of payment, we can send you a ‘collection voucher’, not a receipt, as the TPA is a public institution and exempted for VAT.

Please contact Mr Banu Gurkan ( directly by indicating your full contact details and this voucher will be prepared, scanned and emailed to you within two days.


Accommodation/ Housing can be booked through the registration system

Sheraton Hotel *5 (HQ hotel)  
single 500 Turkish Lira
double 610 Turkish Lira
Hilton Hotel *5  
single 460 Turkish Lira
double 550 Turkish Lira
Divan Otel *5  
single 450 Turkish Lira
double 530 Turkish Lira
Point Otel Ankara *5  
single 370 Turkish Lira
double 420 Turkish Lira
Limak Ambassadore *4  
single 400 Turkish Lira
double 525 Turkish Lira