Turkish Pharmacist Association

Turkish Pharmacist’ Association (TPA – Turk Eczacilari Birligi (TEB) in Turkish), established by Turkish Pharmacists Association Law in 1956 and recognized by the Turkish Constitution as a professional organization with governmental body feature., with its head office in Ankara, Turkey.

TPA is serving 54 chambers of pharmacies, covering all cities in Turkey, and represents 37,643 pharmacists nationally.

TPA Vision

Being a remedy to public, pharmacists and patients

TPA Mission

  • Empower pharmacists, who are the medicines and pharmaceutical services experts, throughout all the medicines related process including manufacturing medicines, dispensing to patients and monitoring medicines use
  • Establishing the structures with the competency, knowledge and capacity to shaping medicines and pharmaceutical policies in the Turkey,
  • Conduct studies to expand the clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care approach, and empower the position of pharmacists as the health care provider,
  • Securing community pharmacies to be supported with independent pharmacists’ funds, today and tomorrow,
  • Collaborating with pharmaceutical cooperatives to establish optimal standards for their development,
  • Investigating solutions for topics such as employment, personal rights for the pharmacists across all practice areas such as community pharmacists, governmental, public, hospital, academics and industry,
  • Improving public health and quality of life of the citizens by improving the quality of services provided by pharmacies,
  • Developing rational solutions to use public resource effectively and right, for the benefit of both patients and pharmacists,
  • Respecting patients’ rights, establishing and developing the culture towards it,
  • Improving health literacy of the patients

TPA Values

  • Scientific
  • International
  • Benefit for pharmacists, society and public
  • Continuous development
  • Participation
  • Results oriented
  • TPA Quality Policy

TPA Quality Policy

Protecting public health, TPA members’ interests and improving contentment, through a team work culture across organization, by continuously developing and going beyond limits, with the perspective of equal human rights and value, by being aligned with current laws and quality management requirements.