Your hosts for the 1st FIP Regional Conference for the European Region

  • The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in collaboration with the
  • Turkish Pharmacist’ Association (TPA)

Note from your Hosts:

FIP is saddened by the current situation in Turkey and the impact on innocent lives in Syria. We wish to make clear that FIP does not impose views on politics, culture or religion, nor does it seek to take sides in any of these situations. What we do is ultimately for the benefit of people and we do not wish to exclude anyone from our mission of improving global health by advancing pharmaceutical education, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical practice.  

Our entire profession needs to be united and engaged in the “health for all” agenda, even more so at times of political division.  

In line with our mission, FIP aims to support the profession in all countries to deliver for patients there. FIP wants to facilitate and support change in our profession, which can only be achieved by engaging with all countries, leading by example when necessary. Inclusion rather than exclusion is the way to make a difference and to grow and FIP values inclusion and diversity for all.  

In ways that are appropriate for our statutes and role, we work alongside our member organisations in countries to lobby for the profession and our role in delivering patient care and public health, which is the focus of our Regional Conference for the European Region in Ankara, Turkey. This conference is the second regional event we have organised to identify the ways pharmacy can take forward World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund Declaration of Astana, this time for Europe, in Ankara, Turkey.   In this declaration, Heads of State and Government, ministers and representatives of States and Governments, reaffirmed their commitment to a number of values and principles, in particular to justice and solidarity. This declaration states that strengthening primary health care is the most inclusive, effective and efficient approach to enhance people’s physical and mental health, as well as social well-being, and that primary health care is a cornerstone of a sustainable health system for universal health coverage and health-related Sustainable Development Goals. They also underline the importance of health to peace, security and socioeconomic development, and their interdependence.  

FIP endorsed the Declaration of Astana and is doing its utmost to deliver health for all, aligned with these principles, through pharmacy.

Introduction of FIP

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global body representing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Through our 140 national organisations, academic institutional members and individual members, we represent over four million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world.

Turkish Pharmacist Association

Turkish Pharmacist Association (TPA – Turk Eczacilari Birligi (TEB) in Turkish), established by Turkish Pharmacists Association Law in 1956 and recognized by the Turkish Constitution as a professional organization with governmental body feature., with its head office in Ankara, Turkey.

TPA is serving 54 chambers of pharmacies, covering all cities in Turkey, and represents 30.000 pharmacists nationally.

FIP and TPA gratefully acknowledge the support of: