A2 - Human resources for health: Education & training to meet envisioned pharmaceutical competencies

Meeting room: Galenos

Rapporteur: Nilay Aksoy, Altınbaş University Faculty of Pharmacy, Turkey


Kristien De Paepe, Professor, Department of In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-cosmetology (IVTD), Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Belgium and Yusuf Öztürk, Dean, Vice President of Turkish Deans Council, Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy, Turkey


Supported by European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP)

Target audience: Pharmacy education and academic pharmacy, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Policy and regulation

Increased importance of a strong primary health care represents an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to take the next leap forward for the profession. The next leap forward requires current and future workforce to receive needs-based initial and continuous education and training. This session will explore the imperatives for educating and training current and future workforce to meet the needs of primary health care provision, what are the new models of delivery of contemporary education and training from the primary health care perspective and how practitioners can take a role supporting the education and training of pharmacists to obtain essential competencies.


14:00 – 14:05     Introduction by chairs

14:05 – 14:20    Pharmacy Education in Turkey

Yusuf Öztürk, Dean, Vice President of Turkish Deans Council, Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy, Turkey

14:20 – 14:35    Needs-based education: Are we equipping the current and future workforce for the next leap of pharmacy?

Ian Bates, FIP Workforce Development Hub Director, United Kingdom

14:35 – 14:50     How to provide harmony in pharmacy and training: A case in Turkey

Gul Ozhan, Vice Dean, Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy, Turkey

14:50 – 15:05     Bringing primary health care providers closer to pharmacy education

Arijana Mestrovic, Vice President FIP Academic Pharmacy Section, Croatia

15:05 – 15:30     Q&A and discussion with the audience

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the needs-based education concept and framework.
  2. Identify the gaps between education and practice for strong primary health care provision.
  3. Outline strategies to for practitioners to deliver education and training to pharmaceutical workforce
  4. Be introduced to country case examples on the delivery of needs-based education.