P2 - Plenary Session II: Unleash pharmacists’ potential to meet NCD targets by 2025

Meeting room: Avicenna

Rapporteurs: Evrim Cakil, Ozgur Ozturk, and Koray Kaya, TPA My Guide Pharmacy, Turkey


Arman Üney, Secretary General TPA, Turkey and Eeva Teräsalmi, FIP Vice President, Finland


NCDs pose one of the greatest healthcare risks for humanity, demanding new answers and requiring innovative and creative solutions from health systems and healthcare professionals. Building on the key roles pharmacists already play as primary healthcare professionals in the community, pharmacists can provide focused interventions, specialised counselling and care coordination, improving patient engagement to achieve better outcomes in the global fight against NCDs. The session will also be a platform for sharing the experiences through TPA’s My Guide Pharmacy Programme on beating NCDs and opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration and expansion of the programme will be explored.


16.00 – 16.30     Panel discussion moderated by chairs:


Oleg I. Klimov, President, All-Ukranian Pharmacists’ Chamber, Ukraine

Zuzana Kusynova, Lead for Policy, Practice and Compliance, FIP, The Netherlands

Anna Laven, CEO, Pharmabrain, Germany

16.30 – 18.00    Pharmacists and physicians unite their vision to provide primary health care in Turkey: Seeking ways of collaboration between health care professionals

Pharmacy’s leap forward with My Guide Pharmacy Programme

Arman Uney, Secretary General, TPA, Turkey

Reflections from the field – Video presentation

Stakeholders’ perspective

Fatma Bekar, Head of Pharmacies Department, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency –Turkey

Banu Ekinci, Ministry of Health, Public Health Directorate

Fatih Kara, Public Health Institution,  Ministry of Health Turkey

Toker Erduger, WHO Country Office Turkey, WHO Regional Officer for Europe, Public Health Officer, Turkey

FIP Presidential remarks – Dominique Jordan, Switzerland

TPA Presidential remarks – Erdogan Colak, Turkey